How Do You Know The Design Is Right?

Often times the creative process is misunderstood as solely a function of the mind. I can only speak for myself, but for me the creative process, particularly the moment where you “know” you’ve hit upon the right direction for the project or execution is as much a “feeling” as it is the arrival of a thought.

For me, there is a strong feeling that happens, just above my stomach and below my chest. Right in the middle. I would almost describe it as euphoric. That’s the first symptom of good design. You feel it as quickly as you see it. Sometimes you arrive in this place with intent, or, you end up there by chance. Sometimes it takes hours and feels like you’re cranking a pepper grinder over and over to get there, other times it’s a mile-wide flashing neon sign, half a foot from your face that shows up between blinks. No matter how you get there, or when, it’s a big, round, warm visceral feeling.