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How you know the design is right.


How Do You Know The Design Is Right? Often times the creative process is misunderstood as solely a function of the mind. I can only speak for myself, but for me the creative process, particularly the moment where you "know" you've hit upon the right direction for the project or execution is as much

How you know the design is right.2022-01-25T17:10:50-05:00

Staying creative after a quarter century.


My first paying design project was all the way back in the summer of 1996. Business cards for a local hairdresser. Octopus Red has been in business nearly 13 years. I've been a working commerical artist (fancy talk for graphic designer) for 26 years. I am every bit as passionate and excited about my

Staying creative after a quarter century.2022-01-25T17:03:46-05:00

What we like, and what works. Understanding the difference.


Everyone knows what they like. What constitutes personal taste is as wide and varied a spectrum as you'll find.  Food. Fashion. Entertainment. Esthetic. Identifying the difference between what we like, and what "works" best for a layout or design composition, is critical. A client may love a certain colour palette, or design element, or

What we like, and what works. Understanding the difference.2022-01-25T17:07:17-05:00