Rick Weaver
Brantford City Councillor for Ward 1

When I decided to run in the 2014 municipal election I knew as a first time candidate I needed to get my profile out there if I was going to be successful. After a short meeting I knew Lucas was my guy! Based on my results and the fantastic feedback I’ve received on my website, signs, business cards, facebook banner and flyer I definitely made the right choice and plan on using Octopus Red again in the future.

Alex Felsky
Grand Erie District School Board Trustee

I have had the opportunity to hire Octopus Red for a few projects both in print and web development and have kept coming back because of the sharp design skills, and responsiveness to my needs and timelines, all within my budget. Lucas and his team are professional and pleasant to deal with, always making me feel as though my needs are a priority. I feel as though his most recent design work for my candidacy was a factor in winning my seat as a school board Trustee.

Doug Varty
CEO at Doug Varty Music

Lucas is a joy to work with. His attention to many changing details and commitment to client satisfaction is outstanding. He has a broad range of knowledge on a number of subjects which can come in handy in road situations, plus he’s very entertaining!

Steve McGhee
Graphic Artist, Ricter Web Printing

Lucas is a top level creative with a mind built for marketing and design. Lucas possesses a deep understanding of the creative process and brings a multifaceted strategy to the table. By managing his creative and business endeavors including Octopus Red and The Advocate, plus his involvement in Tweetstock and Sofia’s Bakery and Cafe, Lucas has proven he’s no one trick pony, but a classic triple threat.

Rebekah Pitts
Counsellor, Addictions & Mental Health at St. Leonard’s Community Services

Lucas is a joy to work with. He carries professionalism, confidence and a strong work ethic behind his brilliant creativity and design. Lucas takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their vision before diving in, but also isn’t afraid to bring something new to the table that the client may not have considered. Lucas pays attention to his clients needs, but also has the experience and knowledge to make recommendations and provide advice to better the project. When you hire Lucas, you are getting the full package. His design work is fantastic, but you are also hiring someone who understand strategy, project management, and the process that needs to be endured when completing a variety of projects. Lucas will be a valuable resource every step of the way only to exceed expectations at the finish line.

Dale Tucci
Practice Management Consultants – Owner

Lucas is a terrific resource for business branding and marketing savy. He helped me reinvent my brand and build a new web site to highlight our consulting services. I refer Lucas to my clients with confidence.

Terry Davis
Art Director at Ball Media Corporation

Having worked with Lucas for the best part of 8 years, I can attest to his incredible work ethic and passion for creativity. Ideas was always free-flowing and the end result was always well-received by the clients. Not once did he ever miss a deadline, and when left to ‘take things in a new direction’, he never failed to surpass expectations. I would strongly recommend Lucas for any and all creative opportunities.

Jan Vanderstelt
Former Ward 1 City Councilor

Lucas carries with him a witty and characteristically unpredictable ability to capture a global concept within the creative confines of a simple phrase. As a social media mogul, and statistics analyst, his propensity for relevant and current connection to any subject matter is nothing short of brilliant. A rather quirky artistic bent allows Lucas the freedom to express the heart of a matter while holding a relevant and evolving vigilance over direction and intent. Some say humans possess one mouth and two ears for a reason, yet Lucas has defined a new stratagem to this adage. His intrinsic propensity to listen for the unspoken words of a conversation is matched only by the encouraging strength of his challenging questions.

Michael St. Amant
Board Member at Brant Historical Society

Lucas has a very creative mind and is able to take a basic concept and translate it into a great graphic design program. He did a great job with the graphics for the Station Gallery of which I am a director. Fun to work with and cost conscious.

Andrew Macklin
Editor, Rock to Road magazine and Associate Editor of Canadian Forest Industries & Canadian Biomass magazine

I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Lucas on several projects the past few years. Lucas’ exceptional attention to detail, from start to finish of a project, has made working with him an incredible pleasure. His project planning has made it easy to understand his needs for my skills as a copy writer and editor for each and every client for which he has required my services. Knowing all aspects of the client, and how a client’s needs can be met, are always outlined in detail so that I am able to provide him with the highest quality of work possible. The relationship our two companies now have, as a direct result of the quality of his work ethic, is one of the strongest of any of my clients. As his business partner for the Advocate, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge that has helped my own business grow. He is able to translate his business experience into practical information that has helped stabilize our publication, and grow our publication, in just a few short months. That same information has also become helpful advice that has been valuable for the day-to-day operation of my business. Lucas is a first class creative mind whose business sense and personal integrity make him second-to-none in the graphic design industry.

Marc Laferriere
Future-ready Professor, challenging minds for successful work in the policing and justice fields.

Lucas is an incredible designer who also has a special touch with individuals and groups. He takes the time to get to know his clients and creates something better than you had originally envisioned in a best case scenario. Due to his superior knowledge of craft and creativity Lucas consistently makes his clients look better than they are. I should know as I have hired him several times and will happily continue to work with him on future projects.

Cam McCarroll
Real estate salesperson at Right At Home Realty

If you’re looking for web development/design and a source for connecting your business through social media, Lucas and his team are extraordinary. I hired him to develop a web presence for my company – my expectations were high going in and Lucas exceeded them in many ways. I have recommended him to many of my colleagues and they have come to expect and know the world class level of service that he provides. I hold Lucas to be one of my most trusted Web presence, Design and social media experts. He is truly an artist in the business.

Matthew Brett
Web Developer & Professional Problem Solver at Digital Duck Inc.

Lucas is a machine! Consistently producing fresh, cutting-edge design and always willing to learn and take on new challenges. Above all, he cares. He will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the client is happy. I’m glad to recommend Lucas for any project where his talents may be needed.

Martinus Geleynse
Publisher of Urbanicity / CEO of Hamilton 24 Film Festival

I cannot sufficiently endorse Lucas Duguid in a few paragraphs. Any project Lucas touches turns out brilliantly. There is no such thing as doubt or worry on the part of the client when working with Octopus Red! Through clear communication, an honest interest in each project, and a tremendous work ethic, Lucas sets the standard for design work. As someone in the field of marketing and communications, I can honestly say that Lucas is the best designer I have ever worked with.

Adam Hislop
Video Producer | Brand, Promotional, and Product Videos, Commercials at Atomic Spark

I’ve collaborated with Lucas on a few projects and every single time he has delivered excellent results. He’s a talented and passionate guy to work with, and this shows throughout his work. I’m looking forward to much more together in the future.

Kelly Holroyd-Duck
Owner, Digital Duck inc.,

Lucas is a business man that is both flexible and knowledgable. He is able to combine an explosive amount of enthusiasm with an inate ability to meet your needs and execute at the detail level while remaining focused on the big picture. Lucas equally embraces the role of leader, motivator, team player or independent worker. He is acutely aware of the needs of his clients and attends to every requirement until completion and satisfaction are realized. Lucas brings integrity, trustworthiness and honesty to everything he does. I recommend Lucas and his team at Octopus Red for any challenge you might have.