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Small Business in a Box

Business in a Box

To celebrate a record-breaking summer we’re having a Fall “Small Business in a Box” This package starts at the impossibly-low price of $1999 and includes:

  • Logo Design
  • 1000 Business Cards Designed & Printed
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Facebook Coverphoto
  • Website (Designed & Published)

If you own a business, if you’re looking to start a business or know someone who is this is an amazing offer. For details give us a call at 519.209.4189

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It’s a sign :)

Saturday was a pretty exciting day for us. The new sign was installed out front of the office! I remember when I designed the Octopus Red logo years ago and thinking how awsome it would look on a store front. It’s a pretty amazing thing when the results surpasses the expectations 🙂

We have a few more things to nail down before the façade is complete… including a large metal octopus tentactle that will start above the door and end with a light at the end over top of the sign… I can’t tell you how excited I am 🙂

~ Lucas Duguid


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From the Vaults :)

What started as a quick search for an old typeface turned into a Sunday morning walk down memory lane of old design work 🙂

I came across a DVD Trapsheet and Disc Face we designed for Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Paul Haggis (“Million Dollar Baby”, “Crash”) back in 2006. How time flies 🙂


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Small Business in a Box continues!

We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve been getting from the Small Business in a Box Special. Startups and existing businesses are taking advantage of this incredible offer. If you, or someone you know either owns or is starting a business this is a perfect fit.

Octopus Red is a Creative Communications firm located in Downtown Brantford specializing in Graphic Design, Web Development, Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations.


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Dangerously close :)

Work continues on our new office space and we couldn’t be more excited! The home of Octopus Red will be opening soon at 3 King Street. We’ll be bringing World-Class Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations to the heart of Downtown Brantford… or as we call it, the Centre of the Universe 🙂


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Almost there…

It’s been a long road but we’re almost there. Since opening Octopus Red in late 2009 our goal has always been to open a small office in downtown Brantford. We started at the Brantford Train Station, moved to Woodland Cultural Centre, then Serenity Candles and later Grace Anglican Church.

In 2012 we opened Sophia’s Bakery & Café on the corner of King & Colborne across from the future home of the Laurier / YMCA. The bakery came equipped with a large back room off the King Street entrance and today we took and exciting step forward… we painted the exterior 🙂 next stop window frosting, painted red door and brand new sign. So close and so exciting 🙂


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Business Makeover Contest

Really awesome piece by Lauren Baron from The Brant News about the business makeover contest.

Coffee house wins a makeover

By Lauren Baron
Thursday October 06/2011 at 10:39:00 AM

A new sign couldn’t have come at a better time for Station Coffee House and Gallery owners Mike and Linda Tutt.

The winners of the Business Makeover Contest are planning a new direction for their business that will switch its focus from coffee to music and visual art.

“Winning the contest is going to rebrand the business.” Mike said. “This is exciting timing for this change of focus. It is wonderful to win this prize.”

The Tutts beat out 59 other businesses in the contest that includes prizes of a new outdoor sign designed, manufactured and installed by Brooks Signs, a logo redesign courtesy of Octopus Red, a business spotlight feature in Brant News, a banner ad on www.brantnews.com and radio promotion on Jewel 92.

The top ten businesses were chosen by representatives of Brant News, Jewel 92, Brooks Signs and Octopus Red. The winner was announced following a live draw on Jewel 92 last Friday.

“It’s nice to see somebody win a contest for the amount of work they do for the community,” Brant News general manager Len Offless said. “They give so much, so for them to win a contest that can help their business grow is great to see.”

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Community steps up to fight cancer By Sylvie Berry of the Paris Star

Thank-you very much to Sylvie Berry and the Paris Star for the awesome article!

It isn’t always black and white in the world of politics.

Last week the nation was informed by NDP leader Jack Layton, that he would stepping down for a temporary leave of absence due to a second battle with cancer. Shortly after, rookie NDP MP for Hull-Aylmer in Quebec was highly supported as a replacement during Layton’s absence. Late last week, only days after the national announcement, a movement and fund raising outreach project was started at the grassroots level here in Brant County and Brantford. “It’s amazing how quickly people move when they feel the need to do something right,” says former NDP candidate for the Brant riding Marc Laferriere.

Upon hearing the unfortunate news, designer Lucas Duguid put together a ribbon and Jack Layton logo, which he donated to the Brant NDP office for the design of charitable T-shirts.

“There isn’t one family in Canada who’s not affected by cancer and seeing Jack struggle with this helps people connect that much more,” says Laferriere. “This is a very personal struggle and he’s exposing himself and sharing his story.” The T-shirts went on sale Friday, July 29 at Custom Colours T-shirts in Brantford. The shirts will sell for $18, with proceeds collected going to the Canadian Cancer Society in Layton’s honour.

Laferriere speaks highly of Layton and is hopeful and optimistic for a quick recovery. “He’s got a way of showing strength, optimism, drive and determination. He always seems to beat expectations and taking on battles he can’t win, then winning them,” says Laferriere. Since Laferriere took second place during the Brant riding elections this past spring, he’s maintained a presence in the community and continues to work and volunteer among other New Democrats.

“My inbox has flooded with well-wishes that I’m forwarding onto Jack. This certainly goes beyond politics, he’s got the community and country’s support.”

Laferriere also thinks highly of Layton’s chosen replacement, Turmel. While campaigning over the past two years, Laferriere recalls watching Turmel’s campaign closely as many of his immediate family members are her constituents in Aylmer. “Nycole has tons of experience, just not as an MP. She has a great deal of poise and experience and is very honest and upfront,” says Laferriere. “People who didn’t know her then, grew to know her well in only a few months. She has a lot of respect.”

Laferriere adds that with Layton’s absence, there’s no doubt the new members in parliament will rise to the occasion and perform well. “Jack’s integral to the party, but the individual members don’t strive to please their leader, but to their constituents. None of that’s changed.”

“It’s a young caucus with a great amount of bench strength and an amazing amount of staff behind the scenes, they’re all very capable.” Laferriere’s role in the community remains strong and his work with the New Democrats is never ending. He’s also continued his work as a social worker in Brantford and Brant County. For more information visit www.facebook.com/brantmarc and to order a T-shit call 519-756-3616 or e-mail marc@brantndp.ca. Shirts can be picked up every Friday at Custom Colours T-shirts in Brantford.

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Raising Support “For Jack” By Sean Allen of the Brant News

Big thanks as always to Sean Allen of the Brant News for the great coverage!

With the outpouring of support for federal NDP leader Jack Layton in his fight against cancer, members of the Brant NDP decided to turn that support into good.

“We wanted to do something to raise funds in Jack’s name,” Marc Laferriere said. “(We) had an idea for a ribbon that evolved into a T-shirt design. It’s a very simple design with a ribbon and it says ‘For Jack’ on the shirt.” Laferriere, who ran in this year’s federal election in Brant, and Brian Van Tilborg, the candidate in the coming provincial election, had their inboxes fill up in the days following Layton’s announcement that he would be battling a new bout of cancer. Laferriere said people were sending support and well-wishes across all political stripes so they decided to give people a way to raise money in the fight against cancer.

Lucas Duguid of local company Octopus Red donated the design to the Brant NDP and Custom Colour T-shirts came on board to print them. The proceeds will go to support the Canadian Cancer Society.

“There has been so much non-partisan support for Jack,” Laferriere said. “It’s universal. I don’t think there is a family in the entire country that hasn’t been affected by cancer.” The $18 T-shirts can be ordered by phoning 519-756-3616 or emailing marc@brantndp.ca. Once a week, Custom Colours T-shirts will print to the orders and the proceeds will then be sent to the cancer society.

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