Logo & Branding

Often times the words logo and brand are used interchangeably when, in fact, they are two parts of the same entity. The logo is part of the overall brand. Arguably, the most important part of the brand with regards to brand awareness. In fact, we often refer to the logo as the hood emblem, the tip-of-the-sword of your brand.

In the vast majority of cases the logo is the consumer’s first impression and visual touch-point of your brand. To say that the quality and clarity of a logo is largely responsible for that make-or-break first impression of a business, organization or project’s brand is no exaggeration.

A logo is a key instrument in clarifying your brand positioning. Brand positioning refers to the place that a brand occupies in the mind of the general public and how it’s differentiated from the products and services of the competition within an industry or field.

A strong, eye-catching, professionally designed logo with an accompanying brand standards guide ensures that not only is the first impression a fair reflection of the quality of a product, service and reputation… but there is a consistency every time a new advertising campaign to taken to market.

Not only does your logo have to look great, it has to work great. Having a logo that functions perfectly with one colour as it does full colour. A logo that can be silk screened or embroidered. A logo that looks great everywhere it lands, no matter the production process.