October 2010

The Lynden Park Mall…

Lynden Park Mall is the first shopping centre in Ontario (and only the second across Canada) to implement organic recycling as a means to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills from the shopping mall food court by 90%. Working closely with Krista Toussaint and Randy Fader of the LPM management staff we came up with the brand “The Zero Waste Program” and the tag “Mission To Zero”. From there the scope of the project expanded to include a logo concept, a table wrap concept / design, banners for the pillars, table talkers as well as the bin faces and back splashes.

Working with Ian Beck of Beck’s Printing Services we printed and installed the vinyl wraps on 71 tables, 6 pillars and 6 bin faces last Sunday night for the soft launch the following Monday. With the official grand opening this Monday we’re holding a press conference at 10:00am in the food court at the Lynden Park Mall.

With the help of Roger Duck of Digital Duck Inc., Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere, Dave Carrol of the Freedom House Church, Trevor Cherewka of Tweetstock / Tik Tok Media, Adam Hislop / Greg McMillan of The Green Hub & Brantford City Councilor Jan Vandersteldt we hope to raise awareness of this program using a variety of Social Networks leading up to and live at the event. Mayor-Elect Chris Friel, The Brant News & The Expositor will also be in attendance.

I’m thrilled and amazed at what a fantastic, progressive program this has grown into. The icing on the cake is that this was a Brantford idea for the people of Brantford using the talents and resources from right here in our great city.

Well done Brantford, well done.

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From Marc Laferriere…

kind words from Federal NDP Candidate Marc Laferriere regarding a website design we did for him…

– Web Designer Lucas Duguid of Octopus Red!  Great work and so easy to work with too.  The quality of the site speaks for itself.   Finding a designer who cares so much about the look and feel of your site and wants to get to know you because it helps him in that work is a rare and wonderful thing.  He also did the design work for our twitter site.



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Clowns For Kids commercials…

here are the links to the youtube commercial we shot with adam hislop of atomicspark for rotary brantford’s clowns for kids program in support of lansdowne children centre and the boys and girls club.

Brian Stephen

Len Offless

Paul Williamson

Scott Lyons

Tony Henrique

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job well done…

in our industry there are two camps… creative and production. production prepares graphics for press that have been designed by someone in a creative capacity. having done both i can say that although they both have their pros / cons i prefer the creative department… let me explain…

production graphics or pre-press is mechanical… assess it, fix it, set it up, print it… it’s a “no news is good news” occupation… like dusting… if you do a really nice job no one notices… screw it up and all eyes are on you…. now creative is a different animal… creative is where the glory is… come up with something from nothing, breath life into it, make a connection with a client on a personal level and they’ll rave about you for weeks…

I had one of those good connections with a client… cam mccarroll from harbour front properties in hamilton… i did a logo and we’ve just finished his website http://www.harbourproperties.ca/ … this is what he had to say about me on his facebook tonight…

“Each and every time I connect with this person I receive a gift of some form. A true artist in business. Thank you Lucas Duguid of Octopus Red.”

cheers cam, very much appreciated.

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empirical photographic arts…

once in a while if you’re lucky enough you get a chance to make friends with some truly selfless and talented individuals. a few months ago my wife and I met d’arcy and angela of empirical photographic arts… outstanding photographers who not only have a depth and range to their talents but are the two most generous and approachable human beings we’ve had the pleasure of meeting…. among the litany of good deeds they’ve done…. introduced us to old friends, a mayor, took breathtaking portraits of our daughters, shot my portrait, shot our wedding as a wedding present and been there to offer advice, an ear, a shoulder, a drink and some truly amazing home cooked meals.

thank-you d’arcy and ang… great friends and amazing parents-to-be.


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federal ndp candidate marc laferriere…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marc Laferriere and his team on rebuilding his website and his twitter background. We have a printed piece on the horizon and can’t wait to get rolling. On a side note Marc Laferriere is one of the strongest Facebook users I’ve ever met. If anyone is looking for a serious real-world example of how to make 2.0 work for them Marc Laferriere is the one to watch.

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the green hub

Adam Hislop of AtomicSpark of Greg McMillan asked me to help re-brand the online initiative called The Green Hub. Had a great time working with both Adam & Greg and can’t wait to see all of the great things to come from their hard work. You can find The Green Hub published weekly in the Brantford Expositor.

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