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the green hub

Adam Hislop of AtomicSpark of Greg McMillan asked me to help re-brand the online initiative called The Green Hub. Had a great time working with both Adam & Greg and can’t wait to see all of the great things to come from their hard work. You can find The Green Hub published weekly in the Brantford Expositor.

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advice for a rookie designer…

it can be tough to break into the graphic design business… I’ve had a few people ask me “what’s the best way to get started?” I’m not sure the method I suggest is the best but it worked for me and I’ve been in the business for over fourteen years… here is what I e-mailed out a few nights ago…

the first thing your friend should do is focus on getting a portfolio together… if she’s having a hard time finding someone to hire her have her make up company names, bands, organizations etc and do designs for them… this is how I got my start… I had 10 “fake” designs, (they’ll always look better because you have the final say in the art direction) I started shopping them around and eventually started to get real orders… over time i removed the fake designs and replaced them with real ones…

tell her to go to every business networking event she can find, meet as many people as possible, volunteer her services to charities, get involved in events where newspapers / tv will be present.

tell her to always try and be as original as possible, don’t get stuck in a creative rut where everything starts to look the same… explore design communities in other countries online to see what’s hot in other parts of the world… portugal, hungary, russia and japan always have something cool on the go

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black & white…

From the Huffington post

These gorgeous, black-and-white websites are proof that sometimes, less is more. Although short on color, they’re chock full of imagination, interactivity, playfulness, and hidden surprises: scrolling over a word makes it morph into a string of terms, clicking lets you create a one-person band, and mousing over characters makes them come alive. See them below…

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a brave new day…

The last two weeks have been really exciting. We’ve made some big strides with Rotary Brantford’s Clowns for Kids committee and their 2010 fundraiser. Introducing social networking to Rotary Brantford has been a very rewarding experience… it’s nice getting people past the fear of the unknown and watching them thrive when they see the potential of things like YouTube and Twitter.

We made some new connections in the Hamilton area with some great new partners… photographers, film makers, PR specialists, copy writers & marketers… we’ll be doing some very cool and very high-end marketing and design for some big names in the Hamilton / Golden Horseshoe area under the name “NU Integrated Marketing + Communications”.

To top it all off we’ve got our very first summer student… Carley Gallant has joined our team and we’re thrilled to have her aboard. Carley is a bright girl with a talent for two-dimensional animation, stop-motion animation and traditional Illustration. She’s got a ton of very cool ideas and we can’t wait to turn her loose on her first project.

Stay tuned!

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