the green hub

Adam Hislop of AtomicSpark of Greg McMillan asked me to help re-brand the online initiative called The Green Hub. Had a great time working with both Adam & Greg and can't wait to see all of the great things to come from their hard work. You can find The Green Hub published weekly in the

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brantford comedy festival…

Really excited about being involved with the Brantford Comedy Festival. Having a great time working with Jamie Stephens... the festival is going to be over the top!

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advice for a rookie designer…

it can be tough to break into the graphic design business... I've had a few people ask me "what's the best way to get started?" I'm not sure the method I suggest is the best but it worked for me and I've been in the business for over fourteen years... here is what I e-mailed

advice for a rookie designer…2010-07-21T19:22:48-04:00

black & white…

From the Huffington post These gorgeous, black-and-white websites are proof that sometimes, less is more. Although short on color, they're chock full of imagination, interactivity, playfulness, and hidden surprises: scrolling over a word makes it morph into a string of terms, clicking lets you create a one-person band, and mousing over characters makes them come

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proofing in context…

got a great link from my friend Lindsey for some crazy design resources from some awesome blank apparel psd's that are perfect to proof logo concepts / designs in context.

proofing in context…2014-11-04T03:27:40-05:00

a brave new day…

The last two weeks have been really exciting. We've made some big strides with Rotary Brantford's Clowns for Kids committee and their 2010 fundraiser. Introducing social networking to Rotary Brantford has been a very rewarding experience... it's nice getting people past the fear of the unknown and watching them thrive when they see the potential

a brave new day…2010-07-19T19:27:37-04:00