on the subject of the No Name branding… I was really impressed with Loblaws for re-releasing the original look and feel of their packaging for the 30th anniversay of the No Name brand… there is something about the starkness of the packaging that has a very strange and inexplicable appeal… beyond the obvious black copy on an open field of yellow there is something almost gritty and Orwellian about a two litre bottle of pop that just says “cola”… it’s the identical product that Coke puts out but for all of the branding incarnations that the major labels roll out they place a distant second when it comes to the strange attraction I have to something bright, stark, minimal & ultra-simplified… i’ve told my wife on numerous occasions I’d like to do a complete grocery shop with nothing but yellow labels in the cart and then shoot it…. why not a line of shirts? bright yellow with the word “shirt” halfway up and slightly to the left… I’d wear it… patent pending 😉

brandchannel.com did a good article on the subject… they got a great quote from a Loblaws official on the subject… “refocusing on a no-frills value brand at a time when the economy is in freefall is obviously prudent.”

here’s the whole article